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Roadworthiness tests for heavy duty vehicles are compulsory and must be carried out:

– Every year after the date of initial registration (initial test)
– Every year from the date of previous roadworthiness test (periodic test).

Roadworthiness test procedure for trucks

The roadworthiness test procedure for heavy duty vehicles is carried out in accordance with Ministerial Decision 19111/192 of 26.03.2019

Roadworthiness test stages

You can schedule your appointment at the private ΚΤΕΟ center with a phone call, on the date and time of your choice

  • You come to the private ΚΤΕΟ center at the time of your appointment
  • You hand over the necessary documents for handling
  • You wait at the waiting room till the completion of the test
  • The inspector informs you on the test results and hands you over the Roadworthiness Certificate together with the documents
  • The inspector attaches the Special Roadworthiness sticker to the registration plate and you are ready

Emission testing – Visual inspection

The following are checked :

  • Vehicle gas emissions
  • Chassis number
  • Engine number
  • Body (exterior & interior)
  • Tires

Automated vehicle inspection line

The following are checked:

  • Convergence – divergence of wheels
  • Brake and parking system performance
  • Lights as regards their brightness and inclination

Visual inspection over a pit

The following are checked:

  • Steering system
  • Suspension system
  • Transmission system
  • Braking system (hoses and lines, drums-discs, brake boosters, valves, air tanks)
  • Chassis and body corrosion

Once the inspection has been completed, the roadworthiness certificate is issued and the relevant sticker is attached to the vehicle registration plate.

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