Specialized control equipment that supports automatic control lines.


AUTOVISION imports, distributes and installs specialized testing equipment that supports automated testing lines at private KTEO facilities. It can also cover the special testing needs of garages.

The following foreign firms represented by AUTOVISION have been selected after many years of use and operation at the AUTOVISION Network of Private KTEO centers:

After-sales support from AUTOVISION’s specialized workshop includes:

Installation, set-up and testing, training in use and basic maintenance as well as ongoing technical support through the management of warranty claims, repair, supply and installation of calibration parts.

For more information and equipment supply requests you can contact AUTOVISION’s Commercial Department at the following details:

Commercial Manager: Drepanopoulos Michalis
e-mail: [email protected]

For technical support requests please contact the Technical Department at the following telephone numbers: 210-9966127, ext. 103, 131 and 132.