Complete solution for the establishment and operation of a Private KTEO.


Private vehicle roadworthiness testing is inextricably linked to the safety of vehicles in on an everyday performance basis- and therefore it is governed by a very strict legislative framework.

ΑUTOVISION provides a comprehensive solution for the establishment and operation of a private KTEO center. This solution is fully in line with the legislative framework governing vehicle roadworthiness testing, ensuring thus speedy steps at the preliminary stage when a private KTEO center is established but also during the operation of the business, for those entrepreneurs who shall choose AUTOVISION concept to invest, as a Business opportunity.

Moreover, AUTOVISION brand name, which is synonymous with roadworthiness testing, guarantees the successful operation of a Private KTEO center by giving it an advantage over its competitors, using a Holistic mechanism for all issues involved between HQ  central management via network outlets and ministry of transport law requirements.

Below you can find the various services that are provided in the context of a cooperation with AUTOVISION:

Specialized studies for the authorization of private inspection centers by the competent bodies and/or expansion of the existing unit in order to cover new test areas.

Provision of automated inspection lines from major international providers and computer equipment.

Full support for the operation of testing and computer equipments.

Support offered during procedures for the accreditation of the KTEO center by the competent authorities.

Training of inspectors and other personnel of the private KTEO center through special seminars.

Marketing of the business.

In case you are interested on establishing an AUTOVISION center, please communicate with the commercial department of AUTOVISION Network at 210 9966127.