High quality calibrations in the private KTEO of the Network of AUTOVISION SAKAR A.E.


The Calibration Laboratory of AUTOVISION SAKAR S.A. is accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System (Ε.SΥ.D.) to the ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard in order to provide private ΚΤΕΟ centers of the Network with integrated accreditation services.

More specifically, the lab’s services include the calibration of the entire testing equipment of a private KTEO center, i.e.:

  • Side slip / wheel alignment tester

  • Brake tester

  • Suspension tester

  • Exhaust gas analyser

  • Headlight tester

  • Diesel emission tester

The laboratory commits itself to provide its clients with high quality calibrations and to continuously improve the level of meeting such accreditation requirements. To this end, the lab has adequately trained and experienced technical personnel who are authorized to carry out accreditations. It has also developed modern logistics infrastructure.

The laboratory aims at providing high level calibrations in order to ensure complete and proper roadworthiness inspection of the vehicle by the testing equipment, with a view to both improving road safety and protecting the environment.

For more information you can communicate with the Accreditation laboratory at:

Accreditation Laboratory of AUTOVISION SAKAR S.A.
77 Rovertou Galli Str, Illioupolis, 163 46, Athens
Τel.: 210 9966127 extension 131, 132 and 133
e-mail: [email protected]