With a sense of responsibility towards the citizens and the environment AUTOVISION aligns its business practices with social and environmental sustainability. We support actions and initiatives that are focused on safety of the society and environmental protection.

Social commitment

by supporting non-profit organizations
working for the children’s safety
(i.e. “The Smile of the Child”, SOS Children’s Villages Greece).

Management is committed to
ethical business practices and
standards for the employees.

Environmental commitment

protect the environment,
cut down the emissions.
Annually we check the exhaust emissions
from over 800.000 vehicles.

Management and the employees
are committed to our
environmental policy and support
the effectiveness of the applied
Environmental Management system
to our activities.


We at AUTOVISION believe that road safety is not achieved only by carrying out a reliable roadworthiness test, which is self-evident, but also by training future drivers and orienting their awareness towards responsible road behaviour. In September 2013, AUTOVISION, aiming at children’s training and awareness raising among adults on road safety issues and road safety education, ran a specialized campaign targeted at pre-school and school aged children.

In association with teachers it developed a special training bi-fold leaflet that included road safety-oriented games and recreational activities. This leaflet was distributed at all KTEO centers of the Network throughout the country as well as locally in association with educational bodies throughout Greece.

Moreover, in the same year and in association with AUTOVISION Network of KTEO centers, the company organized a drawing competition on «A nice car ride» for the young visitors of KTEO centers. At the end of the year, the best drawings were selected and the little painters received books and gifts on road safety. Twelve of the awards winning drawings were included in the AUTOVISION calendar for 2014.

paidia &odiki asfaleia



AUTOVISION applies and promotes recycling programs to its associates. In cooperation with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation has placed recycling bins at all KTEO centers of the Network in order to encourage recycling among the clients who visit the KTEO centers.



As part of its social action, AUTOVISION supports EKAB, contributing in the battle given daily in the health sector.

AUTOVISION Network of PTI Centers ensures the proper operation of the EKAB fleet in order to facilitate its immediate action, providing periodical and voluntary technical inspections to all EKAB vehicles – ambulances and motorcycles.